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3 Ways to Incorporate Learning into Super Bowl Sunday

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Regardless of which team you may be rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday, the Super Bowl can be a prime time to incorporate lots of learning. Here are three things you can do with your children on Sunday as you watch the game to engage them and increase their knowledge about football and a variety of other curriculum areas.

Young kids will be more engaged in the action if they know what to look for. Basic football terminology will help them understand the game but where do you start?’s Football 101 breaks down what you need to know about topics such as the field and what to look for at the beginning of the game.

Super Bowl XLVII brings together the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Take a look at a map to see where each of the teams are from and talk about teams in the surrounding states and what their teams are called using’s interactive map of the NFL teams.

Since there’s a lot of math in sports, football presents a prime opportunity to incorporate many mini lessons. To understand scoring, kids need to know the point value for field goals and touchdowns. You can also incorporate lessons on Roman numerals, fractions thanks to the game being divided into quarters, time when watching the clock, and measurements in terms of downs and distance. Laura Overdeck, mother of three and founder of the Bedtime Math national online community also suggests getting kids involved by having your kids set up a Super Bowl snack bar at home. Assign each kind of food a price, use play money to purchase snacks, and have kids count out the correct change for each family member’s snack ‘purchase.’

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