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Getting Started on eBay: 7 Tips from Fellow Parents

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

As you look around your house at the items your kids have outgrown or toys that don’t hold their interest, do you think about listing items on eBay? If you’ve ever thought about listing them on eBay but haven’t, it’s never too late to get started nor does it have to be daunting. With 100 million active users, eBay is the place to buy and sell but it also supports its community by providing learning opportunities for novices and experienced sellers alike.  From the content rich selling resources, YouTube videos featuring top rated sellers, and Parent Panel Ambassadors, eBay ensures that everyone learns how they can turn the items from their home into found money.

For the past year, eBay Parent Panel Ambassadors have learned tips about eBay and honed their selling techniques. The Panel is comprised of 22 blogging moms and dads who share their eBay experience through their blogs as they work, parent, and confront challenges of having enough time to do it all. While some dabbled in selling prior to working with eBay, others were quite experienced at creating listings, and others were brand new.

In the course of the year, all of the Parent Panel Ambassadors admit to learning a lot about eBay and want to share their knowledge with those who are about to jump into selling.  Here’s some helpful advice from 7 Parent Panel members who have overcome the hurdle of creating their first listing.

Sommer Poquette from Green and Clean Mom recommends taking a class or finding an instructor in your area.  Certified eBay Education Specialists are “educated and trained by eBay to show you how to sell, ship and make money….teach you everything you need to know!”

Mom Endeavors’ Sara Wellensiek of Mom Endeavors offers two tips: start small and do some research. “For your first few items, try some­thing you’re ok with not get­ting as much money for,” says Wellensiek. “So, start with items that aren’t a high dol­lar amount and don’t have a high emo­tional con­nec­tion for you!” She also recommends using eBay’s Getting Started Page, the Seller Information Center, and reviewing the Seller Policy Pages. Not only will these resources help new sellers avoid making costly mistakes but can aid you in pricing your item competitively to reach top dollar.

Not sure what to sell? Melanie Edwards ( suggests visiting eBay’s Selling Inspiration House to find top selling items you already have in your home. “Sometimes you just have to give it a try and list an item you no longer need, without giving it too much thought. You might be surprised and find that it actually sells well!”

What about what to sell and when? Little Tech Girl’s Kris Cain believes timing is everything. “If you have something that you want to sell, sell it while it is still hot,” she advises. “Don’t hold on to it until potential buyers have lost interest because they have moved on to the next hot new item.”

When you’re ready to list, make it easy. Smarty Pants Mama Caroline Murphy uses the free eBay Mobile App to create listings in under a minute. “Right from the mobile app you can take the picture, enter a description, select a price and determine shipping,” Murphy explains. “Just think while you’re sitting on the soccer practice sidelines, you could be making money. Bring a tote bag full of items you want to sell. With the app from you ipad or smart phone you can get all those items listed before practice is over!”

“Pick up some flat rate boxes and ordering free flat rate padded envelopes. Then find things that fit in them,” encourages Brittany Van der Linden of Mommy Words. Use them to clean out your closet because “those envelopes will easily fit a small pair of shoes or kids’ outfit”

But what if you’re shipping larger items that won’t fit in flat rate boxes and envelopes? Single Mom on a Budget, Jill Bender, recommends buying a scale from eBay before you get started. “I didn’t buy mine on eBay and I spent more than $40,” Bender confesses. “Right this very moment there are several shipping scales that weigh over 60 lbs that have $3.25 bids on them and 10 minutes left.”

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