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4 Free iPhone Apps Help Busy Parents

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Technology is a lifesaver for parents looking to streamline management of time and tasks. Juggling work, home, and the kids’ schedules feels like a full time job but these iPhone apps are designed to help busy parents.

KidVuz— How many times are you out shopping for a birthday gift for a tween in your life but have no idea if the item you’re looking at is something they’ll like? KidVuz is a free app that features real reviews by tweens who share their honest thoughts about products, books, movies, and more. The video reviews used to just be available through the KidVuz website but is now a mobile app ensuring that parents everywhere will pick the perfect gift to suit the pickiest tween.

Cozi Cozi is a free tool that organizes your family calendar, to-do lists, reminders, and shopping lists all in one place. Sign up on, then manage your account wherever you go using your iPhone.

Mint— Whether you want to regain control over your household budget or just want to know exactly where all of your money is going, Mint provides up-to-date information about your accounts in real time. Check your budgets and edit info on the app and it updates immedidately. Enter cash or pending transactions in the app right at the time purchase and instantly see your available bank and credit balances.

RingyaThis app allows you to get rid of paper lists and rosters by uploading them to your phone and creating contextualized groups or “rings.”  Create a ring for each after school activity, child’s class, work groups, and personal groups by taking a photo of a contact list or email digital contact lists in PDF or spreadsheet form to The app transforms the lists into a digital “Rings” to provide contextual calling to help eliminate the embarrassing “who is this” when an unfamiliar name or number comes through your phone. Ringya helps provide a context for how I know the individual by displaying “Tim Johnson’s mom from Little League” when a call comes through.

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