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Listening to Music the Tech Savvy Way

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Gone are the days of just listening to the radio. Mix tapes, burning CDs, and taking music from Napster are so old school compared to the various ways we can listen to content.  Here are 5 free and low cost services that can do anything from helping you find new music to love, sharing your tunes with friends, and allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes on multiple devices so you’re never without music in your life. is a free service that allows you to discover more music based on the songs you play.  Users sign up and download The Scrobbler for free. The Scrobbler works on your computer or on iOS and Android platforms and uses the music that you already listen to in order to help you find new tunes you’ll love.  Think of it like your best friend combined with a personal DJ.

Pandora contains a vast library of music that includes a wide variety of songs, artists, and genres.  Pandora analyzes what you listen to in order to find songs that are musically similar to what you love and then allows you to create up to 100 channels.  Think of it like your own personal radio station where you can flip the station to find the music you love based on your mood or to fit certain settings.

Rhapsody is a subscription music service that costs $10/month to access 14 million  songs to create your own personal jukebox where you can listen to “whatever you want, whenever you want, on whatever gadget you choose.”  Rhapsody makes it easy to listen to your music all the time thanks to the ability to play it on your computer, smartphone, various electronic devices like tablets, internet connected stereo systems, TVs, DVRs, and your favorite portable music player. Think of Rhapsody of the music that plays in your head.  It’s always with you wherever you go.

Spotify is the smart and cheaper version of all of your music library that once consisted of tapes and CDs that were purchased in past eras.  Listen to music on your PC, Mac, home audio systems, and smartphones. The beauty of Spotify is social sharing and allowing your friends to listen to what you’re listening to.  Post what you’re listening to on Facebook and a friend can click to listen to the same song, post the track on other social networks, or send it to a friend.  Think of it as a better version of a mix tape that you give to your BFF but never has to be wound with a pencil.

iHeartRadio is your ticket to becoming the radio DJ you always wanted to be thanks to the ability to create, tinker with, and share your own commercial free custom stations that consist of your favorite songs and artists.  You can also listen to live broadcasts of radio stations across the nation so you’re never homesick for your favorite DJ or hometown station.  Think of it as your way to embrace your inner DJ.

What’s your favorite way to listen to music these days? Do you love your satellite radio or stick to the AM/FM? Do you plug in your iPod while in the car or does it connect via Bluetooth?

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