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Stay at Home Dad’s Perspective on Parenting: Interview with Dad or Alive’s Adrian Kulp

Monday, June 10th, 2013

These days parenting blogs are written by moms and dads with one to suit every mood and parenting style but Adrian Kulp’s Dad or Alive provides a humorous slant about the ins and outs of raising kids that those who have been in the child-rearing trenches can easily identify with. The popular blogger recently published his first book, a comedic memoir titled Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-home Dad. In honor of Father’s Day, we had a chance to talk to Adrian about parenting, his former career in comedy, and life as a full time stay at home dad.

Tech Savvy Parents (TSP): Your background is in the entertainment industry. Who is funnier? The A listers you’ve worked with or your kids?

Adrian Kulp (AK): After spending the better part of 12 years in the back corners of the Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory and Comedy Store on Sunset, I’ve always thought that it takes several years for comics to build the confidence, timing and delivery that it takes to destroy an audience.  Their life experience serves as the foundation to make you laugh.

Funny how my two toddlers have literally NO life experience, yet still have me doing a spit-take over one-liners like ‘Daddy, you have a wenis!’ or ‘Charlie has a crack in his hiney.’

TSP: Do you find that you use comedy in daily parenting situations?

AK: I don’t know that I use comedy per se, but humor has certainly helped me navigate survival as a full-time stay-at-home dad.  I’ve always known comedy as the easiest way to disarm someone, to make them drop their guard.  The same has been true with my kids.  I can usually shut down a tantrum pretty quickly by using some chopsticks as buckteeth or wearing a bra over my eyes and pretending to be a bug.

TSP: Who in your home appreciates your humor the most and why?

AK: My wife is pretty much over it.  I can push the envelope and say the most inappropriate thing you could imagine (even in front of company) and it wouldn’t even faze her.  My youngest, Charlie, is only two so he’s not quite there yet.  I’d say my biggest fan is Ava, who is 3½.  I can have her crying on the floor for an hour.  Sometimes that’s my tactic to tire her out if I’m looking for an early bedtime.

TSP: My husband loves that our kids laugh at his jokes but know that there will be a time when they roll their eyes at him rather than laughing. Is this something you think about?

AK: I hope I never lose my edge, said probably every comedian or writer, ever.  I’d like to think that I’ll always be able to make them laugh, but I’m sure there will inevitably be a time when even the funniest shtick will send them slamming their bedroom door in my face.

TSP: You’re an LA transplant now living in the DC area. Which teams do you root for?

AK: I’m an LA transplant by way of Philadelphia, but yes, now living in the DC area.  I’ve always remained loyal to my Eagles and Phillies.  I’ve never waivered.  It’s certainly wasn’t easy walking into Dodger Stadium wearing a Chase Utley jersey, but so long as I kept an eye out for the flying Corona bottle and occasional butt end of a Dodger dog, I did just fine.  And if my guys eat it before the end of the season, I’ll always root for the underdog in the playoffs.  Something about it that just makes you feel good.

Adrian Kulp contributes to The Huffington Post and was recently named one of Kids in the House top 15 social influencers of 2013. His first book, a comedic memoir titled Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-home Dad and published by Penguin, is on sale now. Keep up with Adrian’s adventures in parenting by following him on Facebook and Twitter.  

Image courtesy of Penguin Group

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