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10 Parent Blogs to Start Following in 2013

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

These days there’s a blog for every interest ranging from parent blogs, fashion, craft, tech, organization, food, garden, do-it-yourself, and beyond. With so many blogs, readers can get stuck in a rut with their favorite ones but it’s always good to branch out. Start the new year by cleaning out your blog reader and deleting feeds of sites that no longer hold your interest while adding new ones.

Besides the many great blogs on, where else can you go to get great expert advice when parent blogs seem like a dime a dozen? Sometimes you have to visit many before finding a blogger’s voice that resonates with you.

Whether funny, serious, allowing you to commiserate thanks to children the exact same age as yours, or making you feel like you aren’t alone when confronting parenting challenges, there’s a blog for everyone. Take a look at the following list to discover new voices of the following parent bloggers that may just become your new daily must-reads.

Dad or Alive— Adrian Kulp picked up and moved cross country to the DC suburbs where he chronicles his days as an unexpected stay at home dad. His experience from his former career in the comic industry working for Adam Sandler and Chelsea Handler is evident in his writing that is honest and smart yet full of wit and heartfelt moments that parents can easily identify with.  Despite what he calls his biggest challenge, Adrian recently reveled in the glory of running “the house like a 4 star hotel” where he squashes “temper tantrums and soothe their frustration by getting down on their level to analyze the problem.”

Lil Kid Things— Andrea Updyke started blogging in 2003 but found her stride as a parenting blogger when becoming a mom 5 years later. Lil Kid Things provides a place for of young children to connect, commiserate and celebrate the joys and challenges of parenting. From product reviews to parenting tips and printables to keep your house organized, it feels like you’re taking a minute to sit down and with a good friend when reading her site.

Feels Like Home—Pennsylvania mom Tara Ziegmont writes about living life to it’s fullest. Through her various posts about food and cooking tips, craft ideas, home management hints, and a myriad of parenting (mis)adventures she encourages her readers to be fully present, fully engaged, and full in every moment. If it sounds like Tara is overly optimistic, she admits to believing that “happiness is a choice that we can all make” but does write candidly about the noise in her head and “moments that suck.”

Makes Me Wanna Holler— No one ever said marriage and parenting was easy but Eric Payne never gave up and chronicles his journey as father and husband on his blog that is as old as his marriage. Eric is the master of storytelling and just one look at his about page gives you a good sense of who he is as he captures your interest with each post (7 Ways to Restore Yourself in 2013) will mesmerize you until the end) and gives you an honest look at life while making you stop and ponder yours.

My Scraps— Crafty mom, Hillary Chybinski started her lifestyle blog after leaving a 20 year career as a corporate auditor to showcase her hobbies of scrapbooking, social media, and blogging. Now My Scraps features useful information on parenting, fashion, food, and travel along with Hillary’s ideas, opinions, and memories. Look for weekly features such as Wordless Wednesday or Fashion Friday where fellow bloggers link up to share their posts on the same topics.

Found the Marbles— If you’ve ever felt like you’ve lost your marbles, Jessica Cohen says that it’s not important that they’re found, it’s what you do with them once you find them. She loves highlighting the people who overcome hurdles, who give back and who make others stronger in body, mind and spirit while also providing helpful information to her readers such as 20 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids.

MochaDad— While the tagline of Fred’s site is “one father’s quest to be a better dad,” it doesn’t take much time reading MochaDad to realize that not only is he a great father but he wants other dads to be as involved in their kids’ lives as he is. MochaDad provides a male perspective on parenting and marriage but it’s not just for dads. Moms can also benefit from posts like 25 Romantic Ides for Men from Women and 7 Tips To Help Parents Teach Their Children About Sex.

Honest Toddler— Parents of toddlers know that they’re fabulous and maddening at the same time. Written from the perspective of a toddler, Honest Toddler provides laughs through posts like You Look Prettier When You Smile that help ease the regular frustration of the terrible twos and the even more difficult threes while putting a fresh spin on topics like why your toddler prefers mom. A must read? Check out Yelp Review: Womb.

Pure Natural Diva— Tania Reuben’s Pure Natural Diva site is dedicated to mindful conscious living.  As someone who is passionate about helping families live their best eco savvy, healthy life, Tania’s tips are helpful rather than being preachy or guilt inducing. By sharing facts like school lunches being the second largest producers of waste behind offices, she inspires readers to pack waste-free lunches and shares ways to make it manageable.

Life Without Pink— Tina Seitzinger’s personal lifestyle blog is named after the fact that she’s the mom of two boys who sees a life without pink and tutus. She focuses on parenting and raising boys and inspires parents to play, create, and grow with their children by providing activities, easy meals for busy parents, personal stories, and fun finds for boys!

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