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4 Ways to Rid Your Home of Outdated Technology

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Out with the old definitely applies to outdated technology you may have lying around your home.  If you’re ready for an upgrade and are looking for a home for your older devices that may not be cutting edge but are still useable, here are 4 things you can do with them before you throw them away.

Donate. Charitable donations are always great for a tax write off but also think about if some items might be helpful in your local schools.  Ask what school use and if your items might be of use before you toss them. Old CD players or even portable cassette players may be a great stand in for listening centers for early elementary grades.  Sharing your items is one of the best ways to recycle.

Trade. Many big electronics stores offer trade in programs that can be a great way to get new technology for a little less.  Through America’s Mobile Makeover Month by RadioShack, customers are guaranteed at least $30 and up to $300 for mobile phones when purchasing and activating a new one. Best Buy also has a trade in program where you can go online to see what your items is worth and then trade the item in online or in-store.

Sell.  List items locally through CraigsList or aim to attract a wider audience through eBay.  If you’ve always thought eBay is so much work, eBay Instant Sale is much easier and guarantees a set price for your device.  Instant Sale allows sellers to plug in specs of electronics such as phones, gaming systems, and tablets to receive on the spot offers.  By just clicking some boxes, eBay generates a price that sellers can choose to accept immediately or wait.  Be forewarned though, waiting to sell your devices might mean eBay’s price will go down!  This happened when the new iPads went on sale.  During the first couple of days after the press conference announcing the new iPads, the price was much higher than a week later on eBay Instant Sale.  But eBay Instant Sale is great to use because it’s so convenient and easy.

Take them apart.  Budding engineers will love exploring the inside of any tech device.  Whenever we take apart a broken and unsalvageable device like a digital camera or nonfunctioning old laptop, the kids are mesmerized!  Why not teach the newest digital generation a little bit more about what’s inside the machines!

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