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4 Back to School Essentials for Organization

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

August is here which means the start of school isn’t too far away! Take a deep breath because there’s still plenty of time to buy school supplies and get organized before you send your little ones off on their learning adventures. Here are 4 back to school essentials that can help every family stay organized.

My Lunch Money ensures that parents never have to send another check or cash to the school cafeteria to pay for lunch.  Parents at schools who use My Lunch Money can use the website to add money to their child’s lunch account and receive an email when the balance is low and the amount needs to be replenished. Parents can also view the items that their child is purchasing for lunch to make sure that tummies are being filled with a well rounded meal and not just cookies.

Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back to School Combo features custom durable labels for all the things that your kids can lose during the course of the school year.  Skinny Minis work well for pencils and USB drives, Tag Mates and Shoe Labels help lost clothing and shoes make it back to your child, while Teeny Tags are perfect for attaching to lunchboxes and backpacks.  Mabels makes plenty of designs to suit every personality.  Tweens will also love the new Tween Pack that makes labeling your stuff uber cool. While you’re ordering, pick up a pack of the new Book Labels too!

LaLa Lunchbox provides you and your hungry little ones with a fun, easy, and engaging way to plan and pack lunch. The iPhone app is designed to empower kids by allowing them to pick their own lunch using photo based icons, save money by allowing them to choose from items they love, and save time since there’s no more guesswork about what to pack. Add your own favorite foods by taking a photo and adding it to the app while keeping track of the number of servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc. your child is consuming. LaLa Lunchbox is available from the iTunes Store for $1.99.

Cozi keeps families organized. This free app is available for Android, Blackberry, and iPhones and synch seamlessly with a web based version you can get to from any internet enabled device. Pull in calendars from your school, create recurring activities and appointments, and color code activities for various family members in your family calendar. Additional features include a to-do list, meal planning, family journal, and shopping list.  Cozi is breeze to use and even better since it’s free!

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4 Products to Help Organize Your Tech

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Random cords, devices, and plugs can get tangled and messy.  How do you keep them organized to find what you need quickly and easily whether packed in a suitcase, carried in your purse, or shoved in a drawer?  Here are 4 great products to help organize the technology in your house, during your travels, and in your daily life.

So much time is wasted trying to match cables to their devices regardless if they’re neatly wound or thrown in a bin.  Mabel’s Labels Cord Control label pack (pictured left- $12) features water resistant peel and stick labels that include 54 labels for all of your home’s various electronics.  Label cords for portable devices such as camera, MP3 player, smartphone, Bluetooth, and cell phones but also more stationary technology like the cord to your printer, digital photo frame, router, speakers, and television to take the guess work out of setting up new technology in your home.

If you’re always pulling out a tangled headset out of the depths of your bag, tidy up with a Bobino Cable Buddy (pictured right- $3.95+). Feed your cord through the circle on the end and bend to wrap your cord around the simple piece of flat plastic to organize your cords and keep them tangle free.  Bobino comes in 3 sizes- small is perfect for headphones, medium works well for cell phone chargers and USB wires, while large is best suited for laptop cords

Summer time calls for large fun totes and beach bags but how can you keep your smartphone away from getting lost in the abyss and that camera away from other contents to avoid it sitting next to wet swimsuits, towels, and sand?  Or if you constantly switch bags, how can you ensure that the items you need make it in the bag you’re carrying? The Purse Perfector (pictured left) is an organizer that features tons of pockets for your smartphone, camera, digital video recorder, sunscreen, pens, and anything else you might need to carry with you at all times.  Purse Perfector sits in the your bag and keeps your devices at your fingertips to eliminate the fumbling in your purse or worry that perhaps you left something important at home.

Kangaroom’s Personal Media Pouch (pictured right- $12.99) keeps everything nicely organized thanks to 6 pockets that are just the right size for your MP3 player, compact video camera, and all their associated chargers. Give each of the kids one of these and then use the Mabel’s Labels Cord Control labels to label a spot for every device to make packing for summer vacations easy.  With a spot for everything, kids and parents can tell at a glance what might be missing from the bag.

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