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5 Monsters University Activities to Reinforce Learning

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

In anticipation of Monsters University coming to the big screen tomorrow, fans of Mike and Sully can experience their favorite monsters off the big screen in a variety of different ways. Encourage reading, crafts, and fun all summer long with the Monsters U cast at home through these activities.

Monsters University Storybook Deluxe app for iOS is a perfect travel companion for young readers ages 6-10 thanks to the ability to experience the story through a fun interactive story book full of animations of their favorite characters and a variety of games based on the movie. The story follows the movie plot and kids can read and re-read the tale of how Mike and Sully went from being mismatched strangers to best friends. Yellow circles serve as hot spots where children can tap to see characters move or objects appear on the screen. The interactive book provides read-to-me and independent reading options depending on a child’s reading ability. In addition to reinforcing reading skills with favorite characters in a fun way, the app features extras such as the ability to create your own Monsters University ID badge and take photos and “Monsterify” friends and loved ones by adding different features to the photos.

Monsters University Printable Board Game takes players throughout the Monsters U campus as they roll the die and count spaces as they move through the Campus Gates, Quad, Oozma Kappa House, and Library in order to reach Scare School. Designed for 2-6 players, the game reinforces counting, following directions, reading, taking turns, and sportsmanship.

Monsters University Marionette Craft will inspire kids to get crafty and put on a puppet show to beat the heat on a summer day. Depending on the ages of your kids, a trip to the craft store hunting for materials could be it’s own activity! Just be sure to have all items ahead of time before sitting down to make your Art-like Monsters U character. There are lots of other monster crafts including a Sulley Felt Craft, pennant, and make your own Mike and Sulley.

Monsters University Activity Page can be a wonderful way to make the time in the theater go by a little faster as you anticipate the start of the movie. The maze helps reinforce visual spatial skills while the word scramble and hidden word puzzle are great literacy activities for school age children. Parents will appreciate the answer key especially when their kids want to know if they’ve found all the hidden words.

Cooking is a great way to integrate math, reading, and science while providing an incentive of yummy treats at the end. Baking items like Terri and Terry Cupcakes and Mike Wazowski Cake Pops give kids an opportunity to practice reading directions to perform a task while exercising their creativity through the decorating.

Monsters, Inc character James P. Sullivan at the world premiere of Disney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood via Shutterstock

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