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5 Guidelines for Establishing Summer Screen Time Limits

Friday, July 19th, 2013

With summer in full swing, routines in flux, and a more relaxed attitude, screen time can be a challenge especially when screens include the television, computer, smartphones, tablets, and gaming done on the family TV and also mobile devices. Ensuring that your child has a well rounded summer that includes use of their favorite media along with a healthy dose of outside time combined with keeping up academics to prevent the infamous summer slide can be a challenge.

If you’re finding that your kids are taking advantage of lazy summer days with too much screen time, here are five things to do to establish guidelines between now and the time school starts to create digital wellness in your home.

Unplug and have a talk about the various devices in your home and what they think is an appropriate amount of screen time. Depending on the age of your children, this is a time limit that you may choose to set on your own or one to negotiate with your older children.  Regardless, they’re more likely to comply if they’re involved in the conversation rather than having the gauntlet laid down and screens taken away.

Figure out how you want to allocate screen time. For some families, a daily limit works best while others prefer to evaluate time in front of screens over the course of a week. Also consider whether screen time will happen all at once or if it should be happen during different times of the day.

Pull out the timer. Some devices have built in timers that are helpful but a kitchen timer can be helpful for everyone in the house. A parent’s desire to sit down and take “just 5 minutes” to send a “quick” work email can turn into much longer just as easily as a child’s cry of “10 more minutes ple-ase!”

Set a good example.  If you don’t want your kids playing on their handheld gaming devices all the time, find a way to disconnect too.  Our kids how see how much we rely on our Blackberries and iPhones and while it may be a necessity for work and difficult to avoid checking email while in their presence, being able to put down our smartphones demonstrates that we don’t need to be in front of screens all the time either.

Be flexible. Realize that the guidelines that you establish at home aren’t set in stone. After spending long hot day outside at camp or at the pool, it may be beneficial to cool off on the couch in front of a movie. When traveling long distances by air or car, it’s often helpful to give kids some extra screen time to make the time pass faster.

The bottom line is that every family is different. Figure out what’s best for your family to achieve a healthy balance of screen time this summer and beyond.

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