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LeapFrog LeapPad2: Interactive Learning Tablet for Kids Ages 3-9

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Last year LeapFrog’s LeapPad was a huge hit for the holidays and this year the updated LeapPad2 is sure to be another hot gift item among 3-9 year olds. Children who can’t wait to get their hands on your tablet won’t be disappointed when handed a LeapPad2 thanks to its tablet-like appearance, wealth of educational content, and appealing features allow for customized learning through play.

The LeapPad2 features a bright 5” highly responsive touch screen that responds to fingers or an included stylus, front and rear facing camera and video camera (just you’re your iPad and iPhone!), and an interface that uses app-like icons for navigating through content but in a device that is just right for little hands. It features an on/off button on the left, two volume control buttons on the right (one to turn volume up, the other down), a larger button towards the bottom that can be pressed to navigate up, down, right, and left, and a green button with a house that helps children return to the home screen.

The easy-to-navigate device allows even the youngest learners to quickly figure out how to move from eBooks, creativity apps that utilize kid-generated content from the camera and video features, favorite cartridge games, and other content that is designed to teach through interactive play. Learning experiences are as varied as you want them to be.

Since the LeapFrog library contains over 325 games, downloadable apps, music, learning videos, and more, it’s easy to find content in all subject areas (language and literacy, learning for life, math, science, and social studies) that is of high interest to all children yet appropriate for their learning level. Kids will also enjoy learning on their LeapPad2 with familiar characters from Sesame Street, Disney princesses and fairies, Dora, Diego, Fireman Sam, Thomas and Friends, Ni Hao Kai-Lan, Blues Clues, and Arthur  and through carefully developed content with trusted learning partners such as Little Pim and Discovery Education.

eBooks provide interactive reading experiences that help emergent readers become more confident in their skills while allowing fluent readers to maintain a love of reading. All eBooks, such as Disney’s Brave, contain three different reading levels. Beginning readers will love building their sight word vocabulary with simple text while fluent readers encounter sentences containing more complex words. Just as eBooks have different levels, learning games also feature multiple levels that auto-adjust to meet your child’s skills.

Other nice features of the LeapPad2 include cartridge game compatibility with LeapFrog Explorer, the ability to set up multiple user profiles, remember game progress even when switching between content and turning the device off, and the connectivity to the LeapFrog Learning Path. The LeapFrog Learning Path compiles information about time spent using the LeapPad2 to provide parents with an inside look at the skills their child has mastered, is working on, or is progressing towards as they interact with content through game play.

Images courtesy of LeapFrog.

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