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6 Things to Do Before Upgrading Your Apple Mobile Device to iOS 7

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Tomorrow, September 18, Apple is releasing iOS 7, a major software upgrade for iPhones and iPads that promises to be a visual departure from what you’ve grown accustomed to seeing on the screen. It promises a new look, all-new features for better multitasking, and built in iCloud connectivity. But before you upgrade your mobile device to take a look at these exciting new changes, is your device ready? To make sure that you don’t encounter any problems, prepare your device by doing these six things before putting the new operating system on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Check compatibility. Newer devices such as iPhone 4, 4s, and 5, iPad 2, 3, and 4, iPad Mini, and fifth generation iPod Touches are iOS 7 compatible. If your Apple mobile devices is compatible, then you’ll want to keep reading.

2. Take some time to delete apps you no longer use. Not only will you regain some storage but you’ll also have fewer apps to update in subsequent steps if you take a few minutes and clean up your app collection.

3. Connect your mobile device to your computer and make sure you have a strong wifi signal.

4. Update all of your apps. Find the App Store icon on your device. If there is a number inside a red and white circle, you have apps that need to be updated. Tap on Updates in the bottom right of your screen and then on the top right, tap Update All to automatically update all of your apps to the most recent version.

5. Back up your data. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup and check at the bottom of the screen for when the Last Backup was performed. If the backup is not current, verify that your iCloud Backup is turned on and tap Back Up Now. If your backup is too large to fit on iCloud, you can reduce the backup size by deleting unnecessary videos and photos. Some users may prefer to backup the device to a computer with iTunes which is perfectly acceptable too.

6. Don’t upgrade the iOS on your device until you’re ready. There’s no hurry to upgrade but when you’re ready, make sure you’ve performed all the steps above. Then initiate the upgrade by going to Settings- > General -> Software Update on your device. After the update has completed and your apps have been restored, go back to App Store -> Updates and tap Update All.

If you have trouble upgrading to iOS 7, here are some helpful resources that can assist you until you can get to the Genius Bar for some hands-on help:

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4 iPhone Apps to Reinforce Toddler Learning

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Toddlers are like little sponges that are constantly absorbing information.  Since they’re naturally drawn to technology because they see you using it, why not allow them to play some great interactive games with a learning component to reinforce important math and reading skills along with healthy habits while also nurturing their caring side.

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train! ($1.99, iPad)— Whether playing alone or with a sibling, parent, or friend, All Aboard teaches beginning math concepts such as estimation, capacity, and matching in a game that starts off easy but becomes more challenging as players use critical thinking skills to figure out which dinosaur will properly fit in each car.  Young fans of the show will love playing with their favorite dinosaur characters in a game where visuals match up with the show. Parents will appreciate that there’s nothing tricky about navigating this game on the iPad and the fact that additional concepts like cooperation, sharing, and turn taking are also being taught by sharing the iPad in a 2 player game.  All Aboard is best for ages 3+.

D.W.’s Unicorn Adventure ($1.99, iPhone/iPod Touch)— Reinforce healthy eating habits with Arthur’s little sister, D.W. through this fun app for iPhone and iPod Touch where players fuel the adventure through the magical Forest, Castle, and Cloud worlds by feeding their unicorn healthy snacks in a rainbow of colors.  Children ages 4+ will enjoy searching for healthy fruits and vegetables to energize their unicorn over junky snacks such as sodas, chips, cookies, doughnuts, French fries, and candy.  A fun game that starts out easy and works to reinforce healthy habits through interactive play.

Super Why Alpha Boost ($1.99, iPhone/iPod Touch)— Practice letters and other beginning reading skills by being Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, Super Why, or Princess Presto as they search the sky for “super letters” and interact with content that reinforces letter recognition and letter sounds.  Kids will love the storybook adventure format that mimics the beloved show.

iMommy ($1.99, iPhone/iPad)— Young children who love to care for their dolls and stuffed animals will enjoy having their own virtual baby to take care of through the iMommy app.  Start by customizing a baby by choosing its gender, outfit, hair, eye color, and from a select number of ethnicities before selecting from six different areas where the baby can play, eat, sleep, or even take a bath. Dragging and dropping items is a way to interact with the baby in the various playrooms or bathtub and when the baby is tired, children can take their baby to the bedroom where the crib is located and tap the icon to rock it to sleep.  Another nice feature of an automated message that will appear after a certain length of time suggesting a break from game play.

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