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Developing a Smarter Thermometer to Map Human Health

Friday, May 17th, 2013

What if your thermometer could tell you what illnesses were going around in addition to taking your temperature?  What if you could forecast the illnesses in your community to know the likelihood of your family getting sick ahead of time and be able to take preventative measures to stay well? A new smart thermometer and app being developed by Kinsa works to leverage the power, display, processing, and connectivity of your phone to create a real time map of human health to forecast the health of your community.

As parents, we know that one of the first devices we reach for in order to determine the health of our child is a thermometer since fever is an early sign of many illnesses. Kinsa’s Smart Thermometer works to collect your child’s temperature that is displayed by being plugged into your smartphone. At the same time, this data is being synched through the Kinsa App that uses GPS technology to track the health situation your community through a map displayed through your smartphone.

Called “health weather,” this map allows users to monitor the health of their community to know which illnesses are circulating. Parents can see if the flu, strep, or other illnesses are prevalent in their immediate area shared by others using the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and app. Even though you can’t tell who has what illness thanks to anonymous data, you can tell if there is an outbreak in your area and take preventative measures to keep your family healthy. Kinsa calls their goal of distributing 10 million Smart Thermometers over the next few years “aggressive” but is excited about creating the “world’s first living map of human health.”

While the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and App is still in development with plans to launch later this summer, it’s an innovative idea that leverages technology in a new way to keep families healthy and paves the way for other smart products.

Sick kid with high fever laying in bed and mother taking temperature via Shutterstock

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