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3 Foreign Language Learning Apps for Kids

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Teaching kids to be global citizens involves helping them to be conscious of the world around them whether trying new foods, learning about world geography, developing an appreciation of the cultures of different countries, or trying to learn a new language. Parents who aren’t bilingual don’t have to be worried that they can’t help their children learn some new words thanks to the many interactive apps available to teach kids new vocabulary in a fun way. Here are three different apps that are worth taking a look at for ages 3-8 but make language learning enjoyable for the whole family.

Gus on the Go- Gus on the Go provides an opportunity to learn 14 different languages, including Spanish, French and Hebrew, through a language learning adventure that involves discovering new words through engaging vocabulary lessons and reviews through. Available for Android and iOS, Gus on the Go features adorable animations and fun exercises, children the basic concepts of 14 languages with exciting visual and auditory lesson on numbers, colors, shapes through a fun, multi-sensory journey.

Little Pim Spanish, French, and Chinese apps— Little Pim, the company that’s well known for products designed to teach children foreign languages at a young age has developed apps in Spanish, French, and Chinese for iOS devices. Each app introduces 60 vocabulary words and a multitude of phrases through interactive learning. The recently launched Little Pim Spanish Colors features the favorite panda that’s a hallmark of all Little Pim products and stories that kids can read by themselves or with the help of a narrator, fun interactive game play that has kids hunting for balloons while discovering new words, and question and answer feature which helps reinforce vocabulary while teaching basic sentence structure.

Kids Learn Mandarin from FingerPrint— Mandarin is the second most popular language in the world spoken by over 1 billion people and currently considered one of the most important world languages by the U.S. State Department. Kids Learn Mandarin for iOS devices provides 240 Mandarin words through 12 fully interactive lessons that cover numbers, colors, animals, food, sports, transportation and more through 96 mini-games, 12 lively music videos, 12 Chinese character writing lessons all hosted by Pei Pei the Panda. The app is free but lessons are available through in-app purchases. Parents can choose between individual lessons($1.99), a beginner pack of five lessons ($4.99) and the premium pack with all 12 lessons ($7.99).

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