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Family Movie Nights: Rent, Stream, or Download?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

One of favorite family traditions is pizza and a movie on a weekend nights. It’s a great way to wind down after a busy week with an old favorite or a newly released feature that we can watch at home. With local stores disappearing, time that was once spent trolling the aisles in search of the perfect movie has come to an end. Where do you go to find a film you want to watch during family movie night?

If you’re tired of the movies in your collection and are searching for something new but not quite sure what, start by looking on Common Sense Media for suggestions. This nonprofit organization publishes reviews as movies are released in theaters for the nights you want to go out but also reviews of previously released films too. Each review contains a brief summary and a slide bar indicating the age the movies is most suitable for. Scroll down for additional details and helpful talking points to discuss issues that may come up during your screening.

Now that you’ve found a great movie, where do you get it if you can’t go to a local video rental store?

Have you ever tried RedBox? While not as large as a brick and mortar store, RedBox kiosks are conveniently located seemingly everywhere. They’re in grocery stores, outside pharmacies, and in strip malls and provide convenient 24 hour access to movies and video games. Rentals begin at 99 cents/day for movies and you can see what your local RedBox has in stock, and even reserve what you want to watch, online before you go.

If you don’t feel like leaving home, select a film and stream it to your television. Netflix and Xfinity and other cable providers make streaming easy. Downloading movies is another choice in today’s tech savvy age that also allows you to stay in the house. Digital HD copies can be downloaded from digital stores such as Amazon Instant Video, CinemaNow, Google Play, iTunes, Kindle Fire, NOOK Video, PlayStation, VUDU, Xbox Video and YouTube.

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