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Tips for Purchasing a Digital Camera for Your Child

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Summer is here and it’s often fun to let kids capture their own memories of a family by putting a camera in their hands.  Preschool aged children and older will love the freedom of taking their own pictures and adding an alternate perspective to the family scrapbook. Before you venture out to purchase a camera for your child, here are some helpful tips about the kind of camera to buy and how to teach your child to be responsible with their latest device.

With so many different options, it’s easy to find a good quality camera.  Consider both used or new depending on your child’s age and budget.

Used?  Yes, used!  Depending on the age of your child, they don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest featuring the highest number of megapixels and manual settings.  A hand me down camera, an older iPod Touch, or even a pre-owned camera from your local CraigsList will suffice. Purchasing a brand new digital camera can be a large monetary investment in a device that can be easily lost or broken.  There will be far less guilt and heartbreak when there is a camera mishap if you don’t fork over a ton of money.  And trust me, the likelihood is high even if the camera strap is always around their wrist!

If you’d rather buy new, you don’t need the latest model with the high number of megapixels that is compact in size, and features a ton of manual settings. Your child does not need those bells and whistles.

As exciting as a new or gently used camera is, have a conversation with your child about it before they are allowed to use it and be sure to do the following:

  • Label your camera.  Kids misplace things and even if you haven’t spent a lot of money on your child’s camera, you probably want it to come back to you if it is lost. Mabel’s Labels are bright, colorful, highly durable, and easy to spot at a distance and perfect for a camera and every other device and item you own.
  • Invest in rechargeable batteries and talk about energy conservation.  Turning the camera on and off wastes batteries.  There’s nothing worse than a dead camera battery when you need it most. Your child will quickly learn the same lesson out of frustration about not being able to use their camera when they want.
  • Discuss appropriate times to use the camera.  When our kids first got their new-to-them cameras, they wanted to use them all the time.  Talk about when it is and isn’t appropriate to take photos and respecting those who don’t want their picture taken.

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5 Camera Accessories to Make You Feel Like a Pro

Friday, July 13th, 2012

As you capture memories this summer, breathe new life into your equipment with accessories. Here are some favorites that are great for anyone who loves to take pictures regardless if you’re an iPhone photo devotee or die hard DSLR user.

Epiphanie Bags are a must have for any busy mom who loves to take photos but wants a secure place for her DSLR while toting other items. These well made, spacious bags are created with female photographers in mind and the wide straps, adjustable compartments, interior and exterior pockets, and padding make these fashionable bags a dream to carry.

Liven up your camera’s black body with a custom strap from Daydream Whimsy. Custom straps are made by Brigid to your specifications and since they’re $23 each, pick one up for yourself and a fellow photographer friend!

If your iPhone is your photo weapon of choice, PhotoJojo makes fisheye, macro, wide angle and telephoto lenses that attach to the back of your phone’s camera thanks to a small, but sturdy, magnetic ring.

Looking for an easy to use digital camera that leans towards a DSLR but has a smaller body? Olympus E-PL3 is a dream to use. Point and shoot or use the camera’s built in filters to create stunning shots as you take them. This lightweight camera features a high resolution 3” screen on the back that tilts to make it easy to view at every angle.

If you thought that panoramic photos weren’t possible with an iPhone, the DMD Panorama app is a dream come true. Point your iPhone at the scenery, launch the app, and turn yourself to capture a screen worth at a time. It’s so simple to use and the app provides the digital magic to fuse them together to become a panoramic photo. It’s well worth the $1.99!

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5 Great Gadgets for Dads this Father’s Day

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Father’s Day is next Sunday and if you’re at a loss as to what to get your gadget loving guy, here are 5 suggestions that are cool, yet practical, and are sure to delight Dad on his special day.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2Go wireless when it comes to photos with the newest Eye-Fi card, the Mobile X2. The Mobile X2 automatically and wirelessly transfers photos directly from your camera to the device of your choice, such as your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It takes mere minutes to set up Mobile X2 to work with your home wireless connection and upload pictures.  The Endless Memory feature is a welcome addition for anyone who loves to take photos but frequently fills up their memory cards.  Endless Memory automatically creates space for new images so you never have to see the memory full message or scroll through previous shots, deleting ones as you go in order to create more room.

Dyson DC-41For a guy who helps out with housework and appreciates innovative engineering and great design, Dyson is the way to go. Despite its intimidating appearance, it’s actually quite light and easy to maneuver.  The DC-41 is made of materials that are used for strength and durability while the Ball that is a prominent design feature, makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and corners. Engineer-types will also appreciate that the Ball is also the place where the motor, ducting, valves and the stand are located. Designed for hard wood floors and also carpeted surfaces, the DC-41 has an adjustable head that actually creates a seal to provide the highest suction power through the Radical Root Cyclone™.  Long bristles penetrate deep into carpet to remove ground-in dirt and pet hair while shorter bristles sweep the carpet top to remove surface dust. Allergy sufferers who are sensitive to microscopic particles of dust, pollen, and mold will appreciate that the design includes a mesh shroud that helps separate large debris. The inner cyclones generate powerful centrifugal forces to extract and capture particles while purifying the air.

Leather Bluetooth iPad 2 or 3 Case from Hammerhead— Hammerhead cases are made of soft pebbled leather (red or black), feature a Bluetooth keyboard, and come with a stylus. The beauty of the Hammerhead case is the removable keyboard. Most cases with keyboards have fixed keyboards but the Hammerhead keyboard can be removed and reattached thanks to Velcro on the back side, providing the ability to use it inside or outside of the case at a range of 30 feet. Velcro also allows the iPad to be positioned at multiple angles, allowing for the most comfortable viewing of the screen. Pairing the keyboard to your iPad is easy. The lithium ion battery provides 6-8 hours of keyboard usability and recharges via included USB cable.

Sonos Play 3 The streaming audio player gives you instant access to your digital music library and streaming internet audio settings from anywhere in your house. It plays music from your home PCs and Macs, and also has the ability to stream internet radio and music from many of the popular online music services, including, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Spotify, iheartradio, and more. The Play 3 connects to your home internet connection via Ethernet, or an optional wireless bridge. Once you have one Sonos unit in the house, they have the ability to communicate between themselves and form a wireless mesh network, extending their range. If you have multiple units, you can play the same music around your entire home. The Sonos streaming music player provides high quality speakers and a great user interface for listening to your digital music collection or tapping into the Internet’s vast assortment of streaming audio.

BlackBerry PlayBook — Die hard Blackberry users will appreciate the 7” PlayBook running the new 2.0 OS with either 16 GB or 32 GB of storage.  The interface allows BlackBerry devices to connect seamlessly thanks to the BlackBerry Bridge.  Using your BlackBerry ID, information stored on your smartphone immediately synchs with your PlayBook and vice versa. The design of the tablet is sleek, with more square sides than other tablets on the market, and features a crisp screen, two HD 1080p video cameras (for front and rear facing picture taking capabilities), and 1GB of RAM.

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4 Ways to Give Mom the Gift of Memories for Mother’s Day

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Moms always work hard to create family memories so this Mother’s Day, create some special memories from her.  Custom photobooks, cards, and digital gadgets for preserving memories will be treasured.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Highlight the important memories with mom in a custom photo book from Snapfish.  Snapfish’s service is so easy to use that even your kids can help in the creation. Upload photos and let them drag and drop them into place, add text, and custom backgrounds to make a special gift that she’ll treasure.

Send mom an individualized greeting card with the new Treat by Shutterfly.  With over 4,500 fully customizable card designs, including 300 from Hallmark, users can create personalized cards using personal photos and custom messages in only minutes.  Cards range from $1.99-2.99 each but for a limited time, every new customer gets their first card for free.  Order before May 8 for Mother’s Day delivery.

Capture precious memories with a compact DSLR like the Olympus PM-1. Those looking to upgrade their point and shoot but don’t want the bulk of traditional DSLRs will appreciate Olympus’ PM-1 line that features compact bodies that don’t compromise on picture quality.  With the ability to interchange lenses, capture close up stills or far away action shots with a zoom lens this easy to hold camera features a slim body and lightweight size compared to its competitors. Photos are crisp and built in image stabilizer helps eliminate the shakiness that is inherent when capturing video. If you’ve ever wanted to capture a still while shooting video, the Olympus PM-1 allows you to do so and also features a wide variety of cool effects.  Shoot right in sepia and brighten colors as you shoot with Pop Art!

Put the power of editing in the palm of her hand with an Olympus LS-20M that is compact enough to carry in any bag to capture all of life’s amazing moments.  Edit on the spot using for different filters for fun effects, stream a soccer game to a far away grandparent or a dance recital via UStream anywhere you have an internet connection, and enjoy high definition video in an amazingly small package. Controls are easy to maneuver when keeping your eye on the action but in case your hand wavers, the built in electronic image stabilizer helps eliminate the shakes. The action gets even closer with 4x digital zoom while the autofocus lens keeps images crystal clear.

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