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3 Ways Parents Can Help Teachers Reduce Personal Spending on Class Supplies

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Each year your child’s teacher personal subsidizes classroom materials that aren’t provided by the school system. In 2010 The National School Supply and Equipment Association released a study about teacher spending patterns. The findings indicated that the teachers surveyed spent $936 on instructional materials and school supplies each year. Year by year, this amount adds up but there are many small ways that parents can help to defray teacher personal spending.

Here are three thoughtful things you can do that don’t take a lot of money but can make a huge difference to your child’s classroom teacher.

Ask your teacher to make a wish list of items and send it out to parents on a regular basis when supplies get low. In the past, our child’s teachers have asked to help them replenish reams of paper, hand sanitizer, tissues, and pencils when the initial supply from the start of the school year started to dwindle. Chances are you probably have an extra box of tissues around the house. Hand sanitizer and pencils aren’t hard to pick up on your run to the grocery or drug store. These are items that cost a little but will make a huge difference in the classroom.

Encourage teachers to set up a page. DonorsChoose is a classroom charity organization where teachers submit project ideas that they hope will be funded by your donations. Search for projects according to state, school, and teacher and give directly to the teacher requesting the funds for much needed items. There’s no middleman skimming money off the donations and as a donor, your donation is tax deductible. takes the guesswork out of a class gift for the holidays or at the end of the year.

Enter your teacher to win cash prizes through giveaways. There’s a lot of money to be had through sweepstakes and while your chances may not be great, it never hurts to take just a few minutes of your time to try for a prize that could make a huge difference to your teacher. Teacher’s Market lists Facebook Giveaways for Teachers and teacher contests and sweepstakes. One really easy contest to enter is Safely’s Facebook giveaway where parents, grandparents, and teachers can enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card to give to your favorite classroom with a single click.

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