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7 Gadgets for a Beach Vacation

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Summer is well underway and if you have plans for a family trip to the beach, arm yourself with products that will protect your gadgets from occasional splashes, dunks, and grains of sand.  Here are 7 items that will allow you to truly relax since they keep sand and water away from sensitive electronics.

Casio EX-G1 Waterproof Camera

Capture summer memories without worrying about water damage to your camera. The Casio EX-G1 takes photos and videos and is a camera our family put through the waterproof test when it fell in the Caribbean and sank 15 feet.  Thanks to the bright red color and the free diving skills of someone we were on the boat with, our camera and pictures were saved!

Beach Sounds Portable Speaker

A lazy day on the beach becomes even better when you can plug in this darling retro looking speaker that is water and sand resistant.  The design also allows you to plug in your smartphone or MP3 player and tuck inside the speaker so it is also protected from the elements.

MasterLock SafeSpace

This durable portable safe is large enough to hold valuables such as a small digital camera, cash, credit cards, passports, and car keys in a cushy foam lined interior but the beauty of it is the embedded cable. The cable can be used as a handle for carrying but also as a way to lock the safe to stationary objects or wrap around the SafeSpace for an added level of security.  Since SafeSpace is water resistant, it can handle getting splashed while at the beach or poolside.

Nicole Kelner Designs Tech Smart Purses

Reading poolside is a favorite way to pass the time during vacation but wet fingers and the occasional splash aren’t great for your eReaders or smartphone. Nicole Kelner makes customized smartphone wallets, purses, and wristlets along with cases for your Kindle that allow you to view the screen through the SmartPocket and then store essentials in the separate pocket. Nook and Sony eReader owners can contact Nicole to make a custom SmartPouch for any device.

Samsung Rugby Smart

The Samsung Rugby Smart is an Android phone featuring a built in waterproof case that not only seals the headphone jack and charging port but also locks the battery in place. The tough Gorilla Glass touchscreen resists damage due to scratches, drops, and bumps. It’s the perfect phone for anyone spending time at the beach or trying to keep up with email while poolside for hours at a time during swim practice and meets.

Otterbox Defender Case

Protect your gadgets with Otterbox’s Defender series.  Made for a variety of smartphones, tablets, and iPad models, it’s your best to protect your devices from any potential bumps and bruises from traveling.  Multi-layer technology and high quality materials such as a high-impact inner polycarbonate shell with a built-in foam interior absorbs shock while protecting the back from scratches.  A built in screen protector prevents the screen from being scratched while the textured exterior of the cases in this line makes them easier to grip.

Scanpod iPad 2 Waterproof Floating Case

Swim team parents, boaters, and beach lovers will rejoice over the fact that they can take their iPad with them without the worry that it will fall to the depths of the ocean or pool.  The Scanpod iPad2 Waterproof Floating Case leaves the functionality of your iPad in tact but is waterproof, shockproof, features an anti-slip seal on the back, and will float back up when dropped in water.

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