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Apple iPhone 5 Features: Will you be getting the newest iPhone?

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Yesterday’s announcement of the iPhone 5 had Apple fans watching the press event anxiously with news of the phone’s new features. Currently available for pre-order, the iPhone 5 could be in your hands on September 21. The newest iPhone follows a price structure that mirrors previous models but with all the hype, is it really worth it to get one?

The iPhone5 is a step up from the iPhone4s. While improvements were made between the 4 and 4s models, they were slight. The iPhone 5 design and technological improvements make it a sought after device. Here’s why:

  • Apple has increased the size of the screen but made a device that is lighter but with a larger screen than previous models.
  • More apps per screen. Instead of 4 rows, the iPhone 5 features five. This allows you to store more of your kids’ favorite apps through the folders on a single screen.
  • Improved battery life reportedly allows for 8 hours of talk time, 8 hours of browsing over the cellular network, and 10 hours of browsing via Wi-Fi means you can use your phone longer before the battery reaches the red zone.
  • Browsing is supposedly twice as fast as the iPhone 4s, allowing you to find the information you need faster.
  • An improved camera makes your photos even better than before. The camera is 25% smaller than the iPhone 4s, 40% faster and redesigned to work better in low light. There’s also a panoramic mode. Users can also snap photos while recording video.

Here are some of the iPhone 5’s features that are the same compared to iPhone 4s.

  • Glass and aluminum design
  • 8 MP camera
  • While iPhone 5 is taller, the width is the same so it still fits in your hand.

What are the drawbacks of iPhone 5?

  • iPhone 5 has a redesigned connector called Lightning. This means that your old plugs and accessories won’t work with it without an adapter.
  • Certainly the price. Apple devices are never inexpensive and it may not be worthwhile to break your current cell phone contract in favor of the iPhone 5.

Do the benefits of the new iPhone outweigh the drawbacks? Will you be ordering one right away or waiting?

iPhone 5 image via Apple

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