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4 Apps for Stress Free Travel

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Are you packing your bags and heading to a great vacation destination?  Before you go, arm your phone with some key apps to make traveling even easier.  Enjoy your vacation a little more by checking in on your phone, getting inside travel tips about your surroundings from the locals who know, and navigating the area like a pro!

Check in through your phone.  With airlines offering downloadable apps, there’s no need to be tied to your computer to get in the A boarding group.  Southwest, United, Delta, Alaska, and more make it easy to check in.  United’s app also allows you to use a mobile boarding pass at security so you can just present it on your phone with your ID to get through security.

Use Yelp to travel like a local. If you’re heading to an unfamiliar destination, Yelp can help you find almost anything quickly.  Whether you are looking for the best eats, most talented barista, or recommendations for a dentist, Yelp allows you to become a local even when you’re traveling thanks to the user generated reviews.

Find your destination thanks to Google Maps with Navigation. This free Android app will let you leave your old old-school GPS at home. Google Maps Navigation provides turn-by-turn directions just like a GPS device and re-routes you around traffic. When you arrive at your final destination, the app displays a Google street view image that looks exactly as it does in real life thanks to the crisp image on the screen.  Other smart features that make this app a must-have include the ability to speak your destination and also type in a business name even if you don’t know the address.

Gauge wait times for rides with Disney Attractions. Real time information makes this app a gem because it helps park visitors plan their day around rides with wait times to popular attractions at The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.  It also includes times for fast past return and single rider wait times inn case there’s something that the rest of the family refuses to go on and prefers to take an ice cream break instead.

What apps do you rely on when traveling as a family?  Feel free to add your favorites through the comments below!

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