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Hi! I’m Leticia! I’ve always loved to write and share what I know with others and Tech Savvy Parents is a site that brings together my personal life as a mom of two elementary aged children and my professional background in classroom technology integration and school administration.

I started blogging about technology and education when our daughter was four and my husband and I were both excited, yet conflicted, about her inheriting a hand me down computer. On one hand, we saw great learning potential but on the other, we didn’t want her to be drawn to the screen at a time when her imaginative play was so incredible. I felt that if we had concerns about the use of technology in our home including where to put it, what she should be playing on it, and how to manage screen time as two tech savvy professionals, then other parents probably did too.

Fast forward to the present and now we’re living in a digital age where technology is changing so quickly that it’s often difficult to keep up. With new devices, apps, and social media tools being developed, it’s my hope that I can help you navigate the ever-changing-world of technology to help you make educated decisions about what’s best for your family without feeling overwhelmed.

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More About Me

Since I began blogging in 2008, I’ve been fortunate to turn what was once a hobby into a new career. In addition to writing Tech Savvy Parents, I also write for Babble Tech and contribute to Scholastic Parents’ Learning Toolkit. I also enjoy consulting as a social media strategist, educating brands about the social media space, and speaking at technology, education, and blogging and social media conferences to share my knowledge and industry best practices with others.

I live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs with my husband, two children, and our overly enthusiastic Yellow Labrador. I am passionate about unplugging to maintain balance and to model what a healthy relationship with technology looks like for our children.

I’m proud to have received the following awards for my work: