Moms+Tweens+Social Good: Fostering Global Citizenship to Strengthen Our World

Teaching our kids to look outside themselves and think about others can be a challenge when they’re young but as they get older, it’s not too difficult to seize on their empathy and goodwill towards others to teach them about social good and global citizenship. This is the idea behind the first ever Moms+Tweens+SocialGood event organized by Elena Sonnino, a former teacher turned blogger and social good advocate.

This Saturday parents and tweens will convene in Washington, D.C. for panels featuring both moms and tweens, community leaders and role models who will lead discussions about topics like what it means to be a change agent, ways to use your voice for good, how to advocate for a cause, and finding causes or campaigns. The half-day event also includes interactive age-appropriate activities such as how to write letters to Congress and video interviews where tweens will practice communication skills as they talk about why it’s important to be a global citizen.

“Global citizenship is not a residency status, nor is it based on the number of stamps you have in your passport,” says Sonnino. “It is a mindset and belief structure that is built on the fact that we live in an ever-interdependent world, where our colleagues and counterparts are spread out around the globe. More importantly it is built on the premise that fostering sustainable progress and self-sufficiency for children everywhere will strengthen our world.”

How did the idea for this event come about? As a parent of a tween, former Fairfax County Public Schools teacher who always sought to empower her students, and a passion for fostering self sufficiency and inspiring others by sharing travel and social good stories, Sonnino attended the Social Good Summit, and was inspired to create her own +SocialGood event. +SocialGood brings together innovators from around the globe to leverage the power of technology and social media.

As a first-of-its-kind event, organizations such as the United Nations Foundation are eagerly awaiting to see the response from parents and tweens. “We are really excited to process the learnings/findings and watch as this is held up as an example of not only the “philanthroteen” trend,” said Aaron Sherinian (@ASherinian), Vice President of Communications and Public Relations for the United Nations Foundation.

For more information and resources, visit Sonnino’s Grow Global Citizens Facebook page and follow the conversation through #growglobalcitizens on Twitter and Iinstagram.

Image courtesy of Elena Sonnino of LDG Media


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