4 Apps for Young Animal Lovers

Whether your child loves the family dog, longs to visit their favorite large feline at the local zoo, or dreams of an African safari, extend their learning using animal themed apps that allow kids to learn facts, play animal related games, or use interactive content to further their knowledge.

Learn trivia about your favorite animals using apps such as National Geographic Weird but True. Kids will enjoy swiping their way through factoids using the National Geographic Weird but True app. If you use the app for an extended period of time, facts do start to repeat themselves but the app satisfies kids with limited attention span through the easy to use format, graphically interesting layout of each different fact, and readability.

Play a game to test your knowledge through some friendly competition. The Animal Planet Trivia Planet app for iOS devices provides 1 or 2 player options as well as 3 varying levels of difficulty that include easy, medium, or hard. Race the clock to answer the questions and the sooner you answer the question correctly, the more points you get. Some questions are true/false but others incorporate video clips for a multimedia experience. It’s an easy to use game where play can be paused at any time.

Download the National Wildlife Foundation’s ad-free apps for iPads for animal adventures with Ranger Rick’s Tree House and Ranger Rick Jr. – Appventures. Both apps teach kids 4-7 and 7-12 about nature through interactive stories, videos, games, jokes, puzzles, pictures and more. Ranger’s Rick Tree House is a magazine-style app that allows kids to enter Ranger Rick’s home rather than turning pages. The virtual tree house is full of rooms from the backyard to the attic packed with activities they can explore.

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