Girl Scouts Provide Tech Savvy Ways to Locate Favorite Cookies

What are your favorite kinds of Girl Scout cookies? Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether they prefer Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, classic Trefoils, Do Si Dos, or one of the newer varieties like Savannah Smiles and Thank U Berry Munch but did you know that the $790 million dollar cookie program goes beyond supporting local troops and the experience of selling to teaching life long skills?

Girl Scout Cookie sales have provided leadership skills to over 59 million women across the country and Friday, February 8 is National Girl Scout Cookie Day, a day that honors the many skills that this youth-based program teaches. Girls in kindergarten through high school learn 5 essential skills as they learn to set goals, make decisions, manage money, interact with others, and ethical business practices.

If talking about Girl Scout cookies makes you crave a Samoa or Thin Mint, the tech savvy organization has multiple ways customers can find their favorite cookie by providing information about local cookie sales. Download the free Girl Scout Cookie Finder App for iPhone or Android or visit the Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder to buy  or order cookies from a local Girl Scout.

In honor of today being National Girl Scout Cookie Day, New York City residents who want to get out of the house before the blizzard hits should stop at the pop-up” cookie shops to stock up on favorite treats. Sweetery NYC Food Truck, Zagat’s #1 rated New York City food truck and mobile bakery will be in select areas during the day. Check the route of the Girl Scout Cookie Truck as it makes its way through Manhattan for your cookie fix.

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