Apps Inspire Aspiring Digital Chefs

Budding young chefs who want to cook and bake everything from mud pies in the yard to gourmet dinners in the kitchen will appreciate apps that allow them to use their creativity in developing digital treats on the go.  The following four free apps are not only fun and engaging but are likely to provide inspiration for helping with meal preparation.

Big Fork Little Fork— Developed by Kraft foods, this cooking app gets aspiring young chefs excited about food thanks to games to teach about healthy eating, how-to videos that provide instruction about cooking basics like cracking eggs and measuring ingredients, and a wealth of recipes. The recipes are easy to read, feature beautiful visuals, and great step by step directions.

Pizza Crazy ChefPizza crazy kids can put on their aprons and get baking by taking charge of their pizzas. Make digital dough, whip up a batch of sauce, then choose from over 100 different toppings ranging from classic to crazy that can be added to your heart’s content. Users get to bake their creation, slice it in their pizza shop, box it,a dn send it for deliver or sit back and eat it. Kids can set their virtual table with colorful napkins, drinks and straws. If your pizza is too good not to share, send a photo of it to family and friends directly from the app.

Cake Pop MakerCake pop aficionados get to unleash their creativity in developing the ultimate cake pop with the app from adding the ingredients, stirring the batter, baking them, putting them on sticks, and decorating them with toppings. It’s a great place to try out a new cake pop concept to see digital version of how your cake pop might look with sprinkles, a face, or as cute animals.

Pie Maker— Plentiful options in this app makes it fun to create your own pies. Choose your pie crust and custom fillings, ranging from blueberry to banana cream. Kids can create their own pie party at a custom-set table.

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