Educational iOS Apps Reinforce Learning in a Fun Way

For families who received new iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads, it can be a challenge to find fun, educational, and age appropriate apps for kids. There may be an app for everything but not all are created equally.

Since iOS devices are naturally interactive thanks to beautiful touch screens where colors just seem to pop, look for engaging content that will appeal to even the youngest learners as they work on school readiness skills. Older children enjoy more complex apps that require problem solving and feature different levels that can challenge them.

Here are some of my favorite educational apps that appeal to a wide range of ages and reinforce skills thanks to their engaging nature for your new iOS device.

WritingScribblePress app for iPad encourages young authors and illustrators to create their own stories directly from this easy to use app. New books and drawings can be created as inspiration strikes and saved for posterity until they’re deemed complete. Another great aspect of this app is the ability to purchase hard copies of digital creations to add to your family’s library to be read over and over again.

Reading— Once upon a time parents used to pack board books in their bags to entertain young ones during outings but the proliferation of eBook apps has allowed us to save our shoulders and pack lighter. While there are a ton of eBooks out there, my favorite publishers are Auryn and PicPocket Books. Both Auryn and PicPocketBooks features affordable titles for all ages with gorgeous illustration, interactive pages, text that is highlighted as it is read, and titles in foreign languages.

Math— The ability to know basic math facts is a helpful skill for elementary ages because it allows them to solve problems quickly. MathMateer is an engaging app that makes learning multiplication facts, money, solid shapes, odd and even numbers, and more fun. The variety of mathematical concepts can keep kids entertained while reinforcing important concepts. Another fun app for facts is Math Bingo. Kids can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and then get to race the clock to solve problems by tapping on the bingo square.

Spelling— Advanced spellers will love challenging word play games such as Rojo that presents 7 word tiles and the task of creating as many words as possible with the letters. Each letter tile has a point value and higher scores can be obtained when integrating the red vowel tile that doubles the score of your word. Rojo is a fun game that tasks the brain and can get competitive juices flowing when playing with friends. Parents- Since this game does involve other players, be sure to have a conversation about knowing who you’re playing against by only playing with friends with known screen names and Apple IDs rather than using the Auto-Match feature.

History— Learn about where you are thanks to The History Channel’s History Here app. Using your device’s internal GPS, History Here allows you to explore the history around you at all times. It’s a great app for parents and kids who want to learn more about their surroundings whether traveling or when close to home.

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