Windows 8 Provides Visual Experience Across Microsoft Devices

With the trend towards more visual technology tools, especially following the explosion of social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, PC users are embracing Windows 8. The look of Windows 8 can be found across Microsoft devices from the Xbox, PCs, new Surface tablet, Ultrabooks, laptops, all in one PCs, and even Windows Phone 8.

Windows 8 is a customizable interface that draws heavily on a visual experience to put the things that you use most often front and center through a dynamic environment. Get real time updates from Facebook, the day’s weather, and more without having to open the application. The interface requires just a click or a tap if you want to dive in for more information or interaction with those in your social networks.

Windows users will appreciate a similar experience, look, and feel across devices, extending even to their Windows Phone 8 devices. Windows Phone 8 comes with a unique feature for parents called Kid’s Corner. Kid’s Corner allows parents to have control over the content that kids can access via their phones.

Called a “phone-within-a-phone,” children can only use the apps and games that parents select for them when using Kid’s Corner. This new feature helps keep kids away from parent accounts and information that may not be designed for young eyes and minds by providing peace of mind that your kids are using age appropriate content that you select for them. Phones such as the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, Nokia Lumia 920, and other Windows 8 phones that will be released this month come standard with Kid’s Corner.

Windows Store has lots of kid-friendly apps, but before handing your phone over to your child with a bunch of new apps, be sure to test them out yourself first. Look for engaging apps that help reinforce your child’s knowledge and that are easy to navigate. While you’re shopping in the Windows Store, be sure to download the new Parents Pregnancy & Baby Guide, a helpful resource for all parents by Parents Magazine!

Image via Microsoft.

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