3 Hands Free Ways to Carry Your Smartphone

As parents, our hands are always full and we’re always juggling our phones between having a child’s hand in ours, carrying groceries, pushing a stroller, or holding the leash of the family dog while we hope to not drop and damage our mobile phone. Hands-free cell phone options allow us to keep our phones as close by as we need them but don’t require us to hold them at all times.

Here are 3 solutions that allow your hands to be free but keep your mobile device close by:


PortaPocket— The versatile PortaPocket is for hands-free carrying of your cell phone but can be easily adapted to fit other essentials for covert carrying. PortaPocket comes with a strap to attach a carrying pouch that can fit cell phones, IDs, cash, cards, keys, cameras, GPS units, fitbits, vital medical devices like inhalers, insulin pumps, EpiPens, and even passports under your clothes. The parts are detachable and interchangeable so it can transform to meet your needs while being attached to different parts of your body. Since PortaPocket can go from thigh, calf, ankle, arm, and waist, it’s great for working out, going out, and traveling.

NXE Armband

NXE Armband— After testing a number of different cases to hold a phone during a run, the NXE Armband is my favorite because it attaches securely to my upper arm and won’t move during a workout. It secures a mobile device yet allows for access to the touch screen and headphone jack as needed. Wicking fabric keeps moisture away and allows it to dry quickly between uses.

Storm iPhone Wallet

Storm iPhone Wallet by T8 Cases— Doubling as a phone case and a wallet, the Storm iPhone Wallet is constructed out of gorgeous vegetable-tanned Italian leather and can clip into the matching lanyard to be worn around the neck. The protective leather makes for an attractive case for daily use and the exterior pockets help keep essential credit cards and ID with you at all times.

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