Tech Savvy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Just because fall’s chill is here doesn’t mean that you’ll have to unplug in order to stay warm. Smart manufacturers have become tech savvy and have created hats and gloves that fit a plugged in lifestyle.  Here’s a look at products you need to if you want to listen to your music without bulky headphones, never want to miss a call or text on your smartphone, or be able to use your tablet even while bundled up.

Agloves features silver thread for conductivity

Agloves are knit with fine silver threads to provide electrical conductivity, warmth, and even microbial properties that allow you to use your touchscreen device as you normally would without gloves. Having silver interwoven throughout the gloves ensures that you can use your touchscreen device to pinch, zoom, and type with all 10 fingers. Unisex Agloves come in black or white and a variety of styles from including Sport, Grip Touch, Heavy Duty, and more.

Aerial7 Beanies have slim speakers inside

Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie keeps your head warm as you listen to your favorite tunes thanks to low profile adjustable speakers that plug directly into your MP3 player. Nano users can clip their iPod right into the inside pocket and plug right into the shorter cord. For those who like to use their smartphone while they run, there’s a longer cord to use with your mobile device. Attractive knit Beanie designs are fashion forward and come in a variety of styles and colors. Sports Beanie styles are perfect for winter athletes.


Fashionable Isotoner gloves keep hands warm while texting

Isotoner smarTouch Gloves are a must have for any Isotoner fan. Gloves for men and women are embroidered with conductive threads that are woven into the fingers and thumbs. smarTouch Gloves come in a variety of styles, including leather and fleece, and colors to brighten up a cold dreary winter day.

Happy woman with mobile phone via Shutterstock. Product images courtesy of aforementioned companies.

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