5 Resources for Halloween Costumes and Party Planning

The thought of Halloween doesn’t have to induce terror. From costumes to party planning, there are many sites that can make party planning and costume creation easier so you can kick back and enjoy a sweet treat on Halloween night.

Halloween costumes can be as expensive or inexpensive as you allow them to be. The following sites provide a wealth of costume options that will last:

  • eBay— eBay is treasure trove of new and gently used supplies that can become a costume in one click or turned into a fantastic costume if you like to unleash your inner crafter.  Since many costumes are often worn just once or twice before being outgrown, eBay is a great place to score practically new costumes of popular characters such as those from Star Wars or Harry Potter. It’s also a great place to find costume accessories such as light sabers, Hogwarts house patches, pirate hats, cowboy boots, capes in all colors, and more!
  • SuperME— If you’re looking for a super hero costume that will have longevity after October 31, SuperME cape backpacks are fun and fuctional. Toddlers and kindergartners will delight in having a backpack that comes with an attached cape for dress up throughout the year. Interchangeable Velcro patches also ensure that your superhero always gets to express their style as their interests change plus the backpack is a handy place to stash Halloween while trick or treating!
  • Etsy—  Whether you want your costume to be unique or depict an icon from pop culture, support handmade small businesses by purchasing items from Etsy. Etsy is also a great place for holiday related home décor (hand stamped Happy Halloween banner, anyone?), charming accessories like this made to order eco-friendly artic fox wool costume tail and headband set, and even pumpkin marshmallow perfume oil to infuse your home with the sweet scent of Halloween.

Racking your brain for costume ideas? Class party activities? Halloween decorations? Crowd source your way to get the results you want!

  • Pinterest— Idea boards abound with fabulous costume options, super cute cupcake ideas, spooky decorations, and everything that a room parent needs for class party inspiration. Type in what you’re looking for into the search box and get ready to create your own pin board to curate ideas and save them for next year because chances are you’ll find more than you can use this year!
  • Wikets— And if you’re having trouble finding the items to make the perfect Halloween costume, crowd source for options through Wikets. Wikets is a free app that allows users to ask questions and receive recommendations from others. It’s a great app for puzzled parents trying to piece together a costume since other users can get real time feedback from fellow Wikets users about must-have items to make that costume just right. And those must-have add ons can even be purchased through Wikets. How’s that for one stop shopping!

What are your favorite sites to visit as you plan creative costumes, spooky treats, and fun for Halloween?

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