3 Fun Alarm Clocks to Wake Up To

Wake up sleepyheads! Getting out of bed can be hard for kids and adults alike but the task is made easier when there’s a fun alarm clock to roll over to greet you first thing in the morning. Wake up to whimsical designs featuring favorite characters and ones that feature a dock for your iPod so you can get moving and grooving to your favorite tunes rather than that annoying beep beep beep.

Clocky will wake up even the most reluctant to get out of bed. Program this compact little alarm clock and upon going off with a loud shrieking sound, Clocky gives you a couple seconds to turn off before it’s wheels start spinning, propelling it off the bedside table and across the floor. A fun game of chase can ensue if you aren’t quick enough to act and turn it off. Catch it before it runs under the dresser, bed, or down the hall, waking up others in your home! It’s annoyingly effective for rousing even the most tired out of bed!

iHome’s Kermit the Frog Dual Alarm and Speaker System is bright green and features a smiling Kermit on the front right next to the digital clock display. Easy to use find white buttons are located on the top of the speaker system so there’s less fumbling around when your eyes are half open. If you aren’t a fan of the Muppets, iHome makes similar versions in red with Minnie Mouse and Phineas and Ferb version in teal blue with bright yellow buttons.

Paul Frank fans of Julius will delight in having the big ‘ole mug of the monkey greeting them when they roll over, making it hard to get up on the wrong side of the bed. The wide clock face is easy to see and features a single alarm, battery backup, and AM/FM radio. What this alarm clock lacks in extras is made up for in the cute factor especially since extra sleep is granted by hitting Julius’ mouth (aka the snooze bar).

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