Interactive Learning Experiences with Cookie, Elmo, and Grover

The beloved blue furry cookie craving monster has gone mobile with the release of The Great Cookie Thief, the first official Cookie Monster app for iPhone, iPad, and  iPod Touch.

This engaging interactive book set in a town in the Old West where a cookie bandit is on the loose, stealing cookies from bakeries. Kids must use critical thinking skills to use the clues to solve who is responsible for the cookie thefts. With a wealth of story paths, young learners will get unique endings with each game they play.

Additional features include100 animations that come to life when tapped and a “create” mode that allows players to make “wanted” posters of cookie thief suspects, print, and share them. There’s also a Quick Tips section for parents to help guide additional learning experiences for their child beyond the app.

“We are proud to bring this classic story featuring one of the most beloved characters in the Sesame Street franchise to the App Store,” said Callaway Digital Arts CEO Rex Ishibashi. “With The Great Cookie Thief, parents can empower young children to move the story forward, use critical thinking skills to help solve the mystery and stretch their imaginations to create unique Wanted Posters that add limitless fun to the story.”

How else can your young Sesame Street fans engage in interactive learning experiences with their favorite characters?

  •— The Sesame Street part of appeals to kids due to the wide variety of activities and easy navigation. Kids can go click on their favorite characters to go to games and activities featuring those monsters or click on icons to get to games, videos, printables, and e-cards.
  • Once Upon a Monster for Xbox Kinect—Children can practice the alphabet and numbers with Grover, read a book along with Cookie Monster this very fun interactive game that involves full body movement.

Image courtesy of Callaway Digital Arts

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