Celebrating National Reading Month with Free eBook Apps

March is National Reading Month and while it’s wonderful to sit down and read, there’s also no harm in exposing your children to literature through interactive eBooks on your mobile device.

eBooks can be an affordable way to always ensure that you keep reading regardless of where you are.  Beautifully illustrated images combined with spoken text, words that are highlighted as they are read, and interactive components enrich the reading experience and have the power to motivate even the most reluctant readers.

With so many eBook apps available for devices, who are the great publishers?  While iPhone and iPad apps are affordably priced and start at $0.99, my two young testers always have wonderful experiences with books from companies like PicPocket Books, Oceanhouse Media, Ruckus Media Group, and Auryn.

In celebration of National Reading Month, Auryn is giving away 5 different eBooks over the next two weeks, beginning this Friday, March 16!

  • March 16— I, Trixie Who is Dog
  • March 18— Love You to the Moon and Back, a sweet book which celebrates a parent’s unconditional love for a child
  • March 20— Inspector Peckit is based on a Don Freeman (author of Corduroy) book and is about a French detective pigeon who is on a mission to find a little girl’s lost purse.
  • March 25— Van Gogh and the Sunflowers is based on the artist and his works but contains important messages about tolerance, acceptance, and compassion for those who might be different.  It’s a personal favorite!
  • March 28— Miko: Where is Mimiki is about trying to find a lost friend.

Another great app by Auryn that young kids will love is Teddy’s Night. This charming story tells the tale of what a child’s favorite stuffed bear does while they are sleeping.  It’s sure to elicit a sense of wonder and conversation about what stuffed animals really do once eyes close and children drift off into dreamland.

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