5 Ways to Display Digital Photos

I love taking photos but being the tech savvy mom that I am, the majority of my photos are digital, rather than the beautiful prints I envision decorating my walls.  Recently I was inspired to use family photos in creative ways after meeting with professional photographer, Mary Gardella of Love Life Images in Baltimore, Maryland.  As we looked at some photos she had taken of our family, we talked about different ways to display images.

It seems so obvious that photos don’t always need to occupy space on walls in fancy frames with mats but I don’t always think about the wealth of photo products available that allow me to look at my favorite images daily but in different ways.  Think outside the frame with these wonderful ways to digital images.

Photo books— Just as it’s a pleasure to sit down and turn the pages of a picture book, it’s cozy to sit down and recount past memories in a photo book.  Photo services make it easy to create photo books by importing uploaded photos directly into an album for you.  Of course customization options are plentiful that allow books to be as creative as you want them to be.

Photo jewelry— You wear your heart on your sleeve, why not wear a favorite photo around your neck?  Classic lockets hide away treasured photos and or a single photo charm on a sterling silver chain can be a modern way to keep loved ones close to your heart.  Charm bracelets are also a great option to showcase a collection of photos around your wrist.  Snapfish seals photos used in their single photo charm necklaces and charm bracelets underneath a hard clear plastic to ensure images are protected and can become a family keepsake.

Montage notebooks— If you love to carry a notebook, why personalize it with your photos?  Memo Montage notebooks are perfect to tuck into a purse or laptop bag and make a special grandparent gift.

Snowglobes— Kitsch becomes chic when you use your own image in a snowglobe.

Pillows— Yes. Pillows.  But not just any pillow.  Ones that take shape of the image you supply and could serve as your child’s new lovey.

What are some favorite ways to display photos in your home?  Do they live on the computer like mine tend to do or have you found an innovative way to share them?

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