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Red-Hot Parenting Recap June 2013: Summer Parenting

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Parenting in summer requires a little bit of deftness. Schedules change, kids may be around the house a lot more than usual, weather needs to be navigated. It’s a really fun time – but also one that requires something of a game plan. So this month I’ve shared some thoughts on summer parenting, including

The Importance of Reading – yes the summer slide is real and parents need to be strategic about it

The Necessity of Wearing a Helmet – unfortunately kids can suffer serious head injuries when riding a bike and a helmet is not optional

The Reality of Sunscreen – kids have sensitive skin and you need to be proactive about preventing sunburns

The Need to Monitor – every summer we hear about tragedies like toddlers drowning in a pool, so it’s important to remember to practice good parenting monitoring

The Upside of Unplugging – parents and kids alike need a break from technology, so cut down on the screen time and interact

The Advantages of Hands-On Activities – rainy days bring choruses of “I’m bored” so be ready to encourage hands-on activities like arts and crafts

Have a great and safe summer!


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