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Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Two of my most recent posts have focused on sexual harassment in the peer world and the Penn State scandal. As such, it is especially timely that the AmberWatch Foundation has launched both a new website ( and an interactive TV channel (available to Cablevision subscribers) with lots of content to help keep kids safe.

I’d like to highlight some of the specific topics that are covered on the website. These include:

  • cyberbullying
  • sexting
  • social networks
  • predators

You can find information to help you get informed as a parent, and tips to help you keep your kids protected. Keep in mind that the AmberWatch Foundation’s self-stated mission is “to provide educational programs and innovative technologies that proactively and preemptively protect children against abduction, predators, and the dangers of the digital world.”

As I’ve stated before, we don’t want to make our children afraid of the world. But we do want them to be aware of bad or dangerous situations if they encounter them. So in this spirit the tools offered by the AmberWatch foundation can be very useful for parents, particularly if they use them as platforms for communicating with their children.


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