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Summer Parenting Tip # 2: Sunscreen Is Essential

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

We see them wiggle their way out of it. Run away. Make funny noises. Get antsy. Get nasty. Get crazy. 

Kids don’t like putting on sunscreen. They really don’t like it when we do it.


Kids will be spending lots of time in the sun this summer. That’s awesome. They do need to protect their skin though. With regularity.

Ask your pediatrician to suggest the right type of sunscreen for your child, based on their age, skin sensitivity, and family history of skin cancer. Make sure you then know the guidelines for how frequently it needs to be applied – meaning reapplication is as important as that first application.

Then just do it. No negotiating allowed. Going to the beach? You need sunscreen. Staying at the beach? You need to reapply. Properly. Same applies at the pool. Or if there will be extended time outside.

Make it a habit, keep it cool but firm – and sooner or later your kids won’t try to wiggle or scream their way out of it. And if they continue to do so? Too bad. It still gets applied properly – and then everyone starts having fun.

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