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When 9/11 Stirs Up New Memories: Thinking About Military Families

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Most of my memories of 9/11 focus on the day and the immediate aftermath. Some have formed after the fact, spurred by things like visiting the World Trade Center site. But this year, I am thinking back to this time last year, when I had a chance to correspond with a number of military wives and learn more about how their lives have been influenced by 9/11. In fact, I had an opportunity to publish a guest blog post by military wife and mom Laura @ semperfimomma, in which she talked about her own experiences, both pre- and post 9/11. 

This year, I’d like to link to Laura’s website, where you can read about how she is preparing her kids for their dad’s deployment with a very creative idea – using a puzzle with a picture of dad to help the kids keep track of the time he is deployed so they can anticipate when he will return. Each puzzle piece will represent a certain amount of time being deployed (e.g., 1 week), and each time a puzzle piece is added, dad’s arrival back home will be that much closer – culminating of course with a final piece of the puzzle signaling his return.

Best wishes to Laura and her family for a happy reunion.



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