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Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary By Putting Emotion Into Words

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Toddlers and young kids learn words rapidly. It’s amazing to watch their vocabularies grow. And one of the ways they learn naturally is by attending to the emotion in words. 

This may sound obvious. But think about how we often teach young kids new words. Drills, lists, repetition.

All of this could be spiced up pretty easily by adding some emotion to the words. Let them hear how the words are really used. Almost any new word can be used in a way that emphasizes some type of emotion – even if it’s a little subtle.

A new study published in Child Development demonstrates this principle experimentally.

While there’s still a lot of nuance to understanding more about the role that emotion plays in children’s ability to learn new words, it’s quite clear that a little affect goes a long way. So embellish those lists and flashcards with a bit of emotion.

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