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2013 and … Kids’ Sports

Friday, December 20th, 2013

We need to promote physical activity in kids of all ages. But we also need to be sure that they are as safe as possible.

In 2013 we witnessed a slew of reports on concussions and some focused on concussions in kids. Many are coming from the world of professional sports, where highly trained and talented individuals are suffering from the lasting effects of head injuries. We also hear, on occasion, tragic stories of kids who suffer severe, and sometimes fatal, effects of head on head contact. It’s noted that the risk for concussion is not limited to football, and occurs in most sports (though with varying degrees of risk).

While there was more collective discussion about concussions in kids’ sports in 2013, there was hardly enough – and far from a systematic and forward looking framework offered. In part, this comes from either dismissal of the importance of the topic or a general acceptance of the risk, without a thoughtful consideration that we need to make sports safer for kids.

Let’s hope that changes in 2014.

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