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Hug Your Kids – And Pray For Parents Who Can’t

Friday, December 14th, 2012

The emerging details of the horrific school shooting in Connecticut are difficult to process, much less understand. As someone who tries hard to give helpful advice to parents – often on sensitive topics – I wish I had something useful to offer as this story unfolds. But right now I’m simply thinking about this like every other parent who has heard this news. And I have only two suggestions.

First, hug your kids when you see them today. At least for today, try to forget about all the typical daily hassles that parents and kids experience. Don’t worry about what you need to get done later today or what little things are going on that annoy you. All of this is part of life as a parent, and we all will get back to our routines soon enough. But just for today, let’s focus on the fact that we can hug our kids – and let’s do that a lot.

Second, say a prayer for all the parents in Connecticut who are finding out that they cannot hug their kids again.

Over the next few days, I hope to formulate some better advice for how we will talk to our kids about this particular tragedy. But right now all I’ve got are hugs and prayers.

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