3 Specific Cognitive Benefits Of Arts and Crafts in Childhood

While we know that arts and crafts can promote cognitive development in childhood, researchers have begun to specify in more detail the specific advantages for both toddlers and school-age kids. I’ve recently articulated 3 specific cognitive benefits of arts and crafts in childhood (based on a survey of child development experts that I will be discussing at the Mom 2.0 Summit) in a blog post for Parenting.com:

  1. Promoting fine motor skills that contribute to academic readiness
  2. Fostering critical visual processing skills (e.g., pattern recognition) that are fundamental to cognitive development in the early years
  3. Encouraging the early application of emerging executive functioning skills

You can  learn more about the research and uncover some crafting ideas here.

How to Make a Dragon Marionette
How to Make a Dragon Marionette
How to Make a Dragon Marionette

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