Mom 2.0 Summit: Raising Children In Today’s World

The Mom 2.0 Summit brings together influential moms from the blogging community and offers an opportunity to talk about core issues and challenges we all face as we raise children in today’s world.

Mom and Daughter Crafting

I will be attending this year’s Summit and am excited to connect with such a fascinating collection of influencers, both to learn about their many perspectives and insights, and to focus on the role that arts and crafts play in children’s lives today.

Although we know that engaging in arts and crafts offers many developmental benefits to children, important new thinking and data on the payoff of arts and crafts continue to emerge. That said, the complexities of daily life can make it hard to incorporate arts and crafts into the family schedule.

To this end, on May 2 at Mom 2.0, I will be introducing new research I have conducted in partnership with Elmer’s Products, Inc. I will be sharing a blog post that day highlighting key findings from this work that will give parents many ideas about how and why arts and crafts can be a meaningful part of home life, even given the realities of how busy everyone is these days.

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