Reading and Talking To Young Children About Entrepreneurship

In my last blog post, I discussed the relevance and importance of cultivating “entrepreneurial traits” in children.  This could, and should, start in the early years, as kids are always fascinated to learn about different types of jobs.

A novel approach is offered via the new book Camila’s Lemonade Stand. The book focuses on Camila, a “plucky kid in the Career Launcher Crew, seven fearless children in search of their futures.” The story line follows Camila as she finds herself with no money for the Ferris wheel, and encounters a friendly sprite named Itsy who suggests that she can start a business.

The concept behind the book is that it’s not just to be read to children, but in fact used as a platform for fun discussion and promotion of entrepreneurial thinking (facilitated by a companion guide). Some of the key themes that can be introduced include:

  • Ideas are valuable
  • You can come up with your own new ideas
  • You can think of a lot of different ideas and consider the pros and cons
  • Translating ideas into actions can serve people (it can make them happy) as well as yourself (it can make you happy)

These are principles that all young children should be learning, as they serve as foundations for developing a problem-solving mindset that encourages innovation and creativity.

Here is a video of an interactive reading from the book that illustrates the potential for the approach in a classroom.

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