2013 and … ADHD

Is ADHD underdiagnosed? Overdiagnosed? Overtreated? Undertreated?

These questions continue to get debated in 2013 with no resolution. On the one hand, we see statistics indicating how the rate of ADHD is going up – although many times these studies do not perform gold standard diagnoses of kids but rather report how many kids have been given a diagnosis. Yet talk to many practitioners and they will have stories of kids who clearly show evidence of ADHD yet do not receive a diagnosis.

How do we make sense of all this? One lens to apply is a simple one: we need to know how kids are getting diagnosed. I have contented that we have an ADHD paradox in this country – many kids get the label (and a pill) when they probably wouldn’t be diagnosed if they went through a comprehensive evaluation, yet many kids with ADHD are not properly diagnosed and treated (including behavioral and psychosocial interventions) because they don’t get a comprehensive evaluation. The common denominator here is a lack of a comprehensive evaluation. Ideally this is done by an experienced team that can apply a multidisciplinary perspective to fully examine cognitive, neuropsychological, behavioral, educational, and emotional functioning – and then offer an evidence-based plan of action.

That’s what is lacking. But it takes funding, insurance coverage, and a national commitment to mental health research and treatment.

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