Another School Shooting

I can’t decide – have we become desensitized to school shootings?

Yes, the recent school shooting in Nevada certainly received its share of coverage. And it will continue to do so. But the story is staying the same:

  • There’s a kid in school with a gun
  • Kids got shot
  • A hero teacher dies
  • The shooter dies

Schools have certainly improved security across the country. School personnel have been trained to respond to a shooter. Law enforcement officials are trained to respond very quickly and decisively. These are all necessary steps forward.

But … we still hear about a kid in school with a gun. We are still reacting to a kid in school with a gun. It’s time we start trying to really figure out how kids are getting their hands on guns in the first place – and really do something about that.

Because the unfortunate reality is that we are going to hear again, much sooner than we would want to, about a kid in school with a gun, in a town where no one thought that would ever happen.

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