What’s Wrong With Making Sports Safer For Kids?

Sometimes the title of a blog post can send reader’s off in a direction that is surprising to me. Case in point:

Helmet to Helmet: Is Football Too Dangerous For Kids?

The recent deaths of two high school players inspired this blog post. The point was that, like the National Football League, we seem to be at a point in time when we need to evaluate how to make football safer for kids.

However, many reader’s reactions were quite reactionary. Thinks like we are making are kids “soft”; we complain that they don’t exercise but then stop them; that football has always been dangerous; that cheerleading or soccer is more dangerous; that your kids were gonna keep playing no matter what.

The point of the blog post, though, wasn’t to say that kids shouldn’t play football. It was simply to say that we seem to be at a point in time when we need to make it safer for them. And, yes, the broader point applies to any sport or physical activity.

So … is this really a bad thing to suggest? Are parents taking their kids’ safety seriously? Is there some reason we wouldn’t monitor their activities and strive to figure out how to keep them as healthy as possible … and avoid catastrophic head injuries? Or were readers just reacting to the title without actually reading the blog post?

I’m curious to hear your responses.

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