Red-Hot Parenting Recap March 2013: Mental Health In Kids

This month a primary focus was on mental health. Three broad themes were examined:

Getting Mental Health Services

Many parents ask me for advice on how to get their kids mental health services. I related 4 key tips that make a difference in terms of finding and receiving good treatment.

ADHD: Outcomes and Treatments

Two issues were in the air. First, new data were published showing that nearly 30% of kids with ADHD go on to still have ADHD as adults. Second, although ADHD is being diagnosed in preschoolers, a new study suggests that traditional treatments – primarily drug therapies – are not effective over time. I suggest a heightened need for more intensive psychosocial interventions in the early years.

Autism: On the Rise Again?

Each new estimate of autism suggests the rate is higher than ever – the newest figure is 1 in 50. I discuss some key issues in interpreting the new study. I also geared up for Autism Awareness Month by asking readers to ask me questions about autism that I can answer in blog posts during April.

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