Sequestration: Why It Will Impact Kids

ClockAs the clock ticks and the likelihood of sequestration increases, you may have heard lots of opinions expressed. One reality is that it will – directly and indirectly – impact kids. Here’s why.


Immediate cuts will be made to research budgets. I’ve seen funding already be pulled or killed for projects in anticipation of sequestration. When research funds are taken away, the knowledge base is reduced – which derails our efforts to use research to help kids. Keep in mind that there is typically no source to replace these funds – when they go away, research is compromised or ended.


There are a range of educational services that will take a hit. Cutting our support of education is not a good thing.


People will lose jobs – which means that some parents will lose jobs. This will directly impact their kids’ lives.


Keep a few things in mind. Sequestration was set up to force politicians to come to a compromise about budget issues. The idea is that they would never let a policy put in place that arbitrarily takes a hatchet to many fundamental services. Yes, we have a budget crisis. Yes, it needs to be solved. But in a thoughtful, bipartisan way. Not in a cavalier, non-conceptual manner that has no rhyme or reason. You can look at sequestration through a variety of lenses – but one bottom line is that it will affect kids. The clock is ticking, and something needs to be done.

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  2. by Jill

    On March 1, 2013 at 7:58 am

    This is not the place for articles related to politics . However the fact is this Seqestration accounts for an approximate 2% reduction in total spending. This is 2 cents on the dollar if you are bad at math. This poor excuse for a president created the sequestration bill. If he was a true leader and not so into his own almighy power control he could have made intellegent cuts long before this day. This government needs to quit spending. This government now barrows $.35 of every dollar . Obama’s incentive to deliberately make the most painful and socially disruptive cuts possible is alarming. This president is not only steeling from us , he is STEELING FROM OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN!!!