4 Ways To Support Military Families During The Holidays

A number of studies this year have documented the challenges military families face, particularly when a parent is deployed (you can read about one such study in my discussion of the 6 most important child development studies of 2011). The critical take-home message has been that those of us in the community can learn more about military families and ways we can support them, particularly given all that they do for us. So as the holidays are rapidly approaching, I’ve asked Laura@semperfimomma (who I have featured in prior blog posts) to tell us things we could do for military families during this busy (and perhaps bittersweet) season. Here are Laura’s thoughts:

Hearing of those looking to support a military family during the holidays warms my heart more than words can possibly describe. Here are 4 things to think about if you are looking to do such a kind act:

  1. Is there a deployed spouse? If so, maybe you could give the family a week or two worth of housekeeping.
  2. Also, with only one parent at home, she/he may have a hard time getting out of the house to do their Christmas shopping. A great way to support a military family during the holidays would be to either offer to do some of the shopping for them, or to watch the kids so that the parent can go out and do shopping on their own.
  3. To do a little something special for the parent who is deployed, offer to take a few pictures of the family to send to their loved one.
  4. We all know what a chore cooking a big Christmas dinner can be. Some military families do not live close to their families, and opt to stay home for the holiday. Offering up a precooked dish that can be frozen and reheated when needed is a huge time saver. Even when not deployed, the gift of time is always appreciated. If you feel comfortable enough, you can even invite the family over for dinner. This way you can help each other with the cooking and cleaning, and by opening your home you may help ease or lighten some sad emotions for a family that is used to being ‘home for the holidays’.

Getting Laura’s insider’s view on ways to support military families is invaluable, especially since her mission is to bridge the gap between military and civilian families. And to that end, please note that Laura is transforming her website -www.semperfimomma.com – into a platform that will host the voices of many other military moms. 

Happy Holidays to Laura and her family, and to all of our military families!


Image of soldier at home during the holidays via Shutterstock.com

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